The landmark of the Costa Blanca, which is called “Penon de Ifach”, seperates the 2 bays with sandy beaches of Calpe. You can hike to the top of the Ifach massif, from where you will enjoy wide vistas. Bays with sandy beaches are alternating with rocky cliffs.

Whether you are hiking in Calpe on the Penon de Ifach to enjoy the view, or watch the fish auction in the harbor area, or sail up the sky with other kitesurfers, or to sunbathe on one of Calpe's beaches - the lively Calpe is very varied It combines the contrasts of modern, high-rise apartment houses on the two large sandy beaches, an inviting old town with many shops, restaurants and a lively nightlife, but also with beautiful, quiet, private villas, romantic beaches, and all water sports.

Calpe offers something for everyones taste.

More pictures of the beaches of Calpe.